Trump Calls for Ban on ‘Killer Babies’

—Donald Trump called today for a ban on all babies three-years-old and younger from entering the United States. Later he suggested that all American toddlers be armed so they can defend themselves against “baby terrorists.”

Trump’s attack was delivered in a speech at a rally in Iowa where he noted that so far this year, more toddlers have killed people than have terrorists. His call was similar to an earlier one for a ban on all Muslims entering the country.

Even before what the FBI now calls a “terrorist” mass shooting in San Bernardino, Calif., which killed 19, Trump suggested the movement of all Muslims in the United States be tracked and vowed to close all mosques if he becomes president.

Now, in the Iowa speech, Trump cited a comparison of the number of fatal shootings involving babies three or younger. A news account put the count of fatal shootings involving a baby at 24 this year, while the only mass shooting classified as “terrorist” claimed 19 lives.

“That’s a sign,” Trump said, “that we have too many degenerate babies in this country and they need to be stopped.” If elected president, he said, he would do the most baby-blocking than all presidents combined.

The National Rifle Assn. responded quickly to the news report about baby shootings, saying every baby in the country should be required to pack a gun. Right now, the organization said, its requirement would apply only to babies that have been born, but it was studying whether required arms should be extended to fetuses as well.

When asked later about the NRA call, Trump said, “Study? What are they waiting for? I would be the fastest president ever to arm fetuses. You never know what they’re up to, hiding there in the dark.”

He added, “We also should look into closing all those cribs.”

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