It was a bit strange recently to read two conservative columnists and their takes on the state of the Republican Party. One announced that the party had died and mentioned some September, 2016 date. Another blamed Obamacare for the ogre who was the target in both columns—Donald Trump.

Both not only are wrong, they are way, way behind in their consideration of the long-term demise of the party that once was at least the honorable opposition and “worthy opponent.”

The party was placed on its death-bed, never to recover, back in 1994, when the off-year elections put the Republicans in control of the U.S. House for the first time since 1955 and a separated two-term blip in control stretching back to the beginning of the 1930s.  How ridiculous to say that Obamacare was responsible. Barack Obama wasn’t even old enough to be president when the seed was sown for the GOP demise.

A chubby little man who had been a history teacher whose higher education never left the South, qualifying him for a teaching job at the University of West Georgia, a backwater school unheard of outside of Georgia.

Newton Leroy Gingrich had an infamous affair with another congressman’s secretary, making waves by humping her between a couple of U.S. Capitol columns. Gingrich majors in 19-year marriages—two of them. At age 73, his warranty on the third one has three years to run on his between-the-columns bug-eyed paramour 23 years his junior. By the way, when he became speaker of the House in 1995, he got her a cushier job on a committee.

It wasn’t his intention to do so, but the chubby “Newt,” which is a lizard-like creature, a salamander bigger only than an eft, systematically dismantled the Republican Party, leaving in place a political institution so pathetic it, not only could behave no other way for eight years than as an obstruction to the nation’s first black president, it could be taken over by the likes of Trump, the psychopathic liar who wants nothing but to be in the limelight.

To make matters worse, Gingrich not only is a Trump supporter, he is a campaign advisor and ardent campaigner for someone who even an ignoramous with Newt’s background has to know would be a total disaster in the job. Unless Gingrich were running things, of course. How could that go wrong? Could it be any worse than a Dick Cheney in a Dubbya Bush White House?

No wonder Trump’s campaign is waged in the gutter.


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