General John Kelly Major Disappointment

You could have knocked us over with a four-star feather. It turns out there is no white knight in the White House riding herd on the moron in chief after all. It appears he is of the same stripes and may even be the person after whom the idiot in chief patterns himself.

We started out thinking that Chief of Staff John Kelly foolishly offered to give advice to the fool in chief, not realizing how he was likely to muck it up. It all began with the mucker in chief’s condolence phone call to the family of a soldier killed in Niger (don’t ask why the hell we have soldiers in Niger).

According to Kelly, a retired four-star general, the dumpster with a mouth without an empathic bone in his body wanted to make a condolence call to the pregnant widow of one of the four slain soldiers. Kelly said he advised against making the call, saying “Sir, there’s nothing you can do to lighten the burden on these families.” Write a letter instead, he said. But Trump insisted and asked for advice for what to say.

That’s when the train began leaving the rails. Kelley responded that when he lost his own son in Afghanistan (don’t ask why the hell we’re still in Afghanistan), a higher-ranking general told him that Roger Kelly “was doing exactly what he wanted to do when he was killed. He knew what the possibilities were because we we’re at war.”

Calls from the White House are not made out of the blue. First, the White House operators must track down the person to be called, and they seem to have an ethereal way of doing so, and they advise the person the president would be calling.

As I turned out, one of those operators reached the widow as she rode in a car with her congresswoman on the way to the airport to receive her husband’s body. The widow politely engaged her speakerphone so the occupants of the car could share the call.

In the call, the condolence in chief said, drawing on Kelly’s words, said, “you know that this could happen when you signed up for it.”

The congresswoman, a Democrat given to wearing clownish cowboy hats, disclosed that the tweeter in chief had disrespected the widow, and the widow confirmed that she also believed he had been disrespectful.

It was at this point the world found out that Kelly was not the adult in the room, reining in the mouth that roars. Kelly is an aider and abettor, and may even be presenting the pattern that the aper in chief is following.

In the fallout that followed the flub of the flubber in chief, he lashed out at critics, lashed out at the congresswoman, lying in the process, revealing that he may just be the pattern for the groper in chief, not the calm, reasoned fellow behind the scenes that we all prayed that he was.

And that, just when there was some hope he could help marshal at least eight of the cabinet members to write a letter to Congress declaring the twitter in chief unfit to serve as president, the first step on the path to the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Congress to save not just the country, but it would appear the world.

We’re doomed. There is no restraining presence in the White House.

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