Back in March, 2018, not long after the Parkland High School mass shooting in Florida, we made the case for complying with the intent of the Second Amendment (all of it) by locking up all guns in National Guard armories to be lent to their owners as the guard decides to do so.

Since then, according to, there have been 147 deaths fromGUN2 shootings in which there were at least four casualties Those qualify as mass shootings, and is a rate of about one death a day due to a shooting in the United States. Actually, there were 175 mass shootings during that period, just not all of them led to a fatality. (That’s out of total 9,217 gun deaths this year through Aug. 18.)

During the first half of this year, 154 deaths were attributed to school shootings (including three or fewer casualties, not qualifying as mass shootings). That’s 154 in 181 days, and suggests schools have become the nation’s favorite killing fields. If the trend of the first half of this year continues September through December, we can expect more than 100 more deaths in school shootings, despite the fact they’ve already become Fort Knoxes.

What does it take for this country to wise up? Fortunately, school was out for half that time, but they are reopening their now well-guarded doors to hundreds of thousands of children who can be mowed down any minute.

Perhaps those who want GUN2Agun controls should make a major point of it to the candidates who are running for office in this fall’s election. That’s the political side. Economics is a far more powerful driver and perhaps we should take note of where the most deaths and casualties are and boycott them personally and as organizations holding meetings or conventions in those cities states, especially the ones that maniacally allow open carry and “stand your ground.” The list of mass shootings includes half the states and the District of Columbia, so you can choose one of the states from the other half.

Having said that, one might have to leave the United States entirely to avoGUN2Bid a state lacks a common-sense safety attitude when it comes to guns. Only California, the District of Columbia, Florida, Illinois, New York and South Carolina do not allow open carry at all. Honing it down further, however, California allows open carry in rural areas and has no law against stand your ground. Florida, of course is a notorious stand-your-ground state, but so is South Carolina. Illinois does not ban it, and New York has the castle doctrine, which allows a person to blow someone away as long as he or she is at homeGUN2C.

That leaves only DC as a safe haven against guns, if one measures safety by local laws and not the reality of the free flow of guns across state lines. But, to get into D.C., one must travel through an open-carry state—Virginia with no permit required, or Maryland, where a permit is required. One could helicopter in or hang on for dear life from a drone without touching gun free-for-all state, but that would still be a violation of the state’s air space.

Since the Parkland school mass shooting in March, absolutely nothing has been done to curtail the easy access to firearms. The solution instead has been to attempt to secure the schools, complete with armed guards and screenings, and to show ways for teachers and students to try to save themselves. The incredibly stupid National Rifle Association would have teachers carrying sidearms as a solution. Brilliant, place the kids in the middle of a shootout, that’ll solve things.

No matter what figures you use or arguments you make, all those deaths and injuries that go on and on and on share one common fact: a gun was involved.

As we wrote before, the Second Amendment is based on the existence of militias, which are today’s National Guards. That means, all guns could be required to be kept locked up in National Guard armories without violating that amendment. Lock them up! Lock them up! Lock them up, and save our kids from the killing fields.