Pathetic Speaker Pelosi

In 2021–Post from the past:
Setting the Record Straight

May 18, 2009

Pelosi Should Resign

Twelve years ago, Setting the Record Straight wrote that. Lord have mercy, what this country could have been today had we been successful with our plea.

It’s hard to think of a period in modern history when one person has been so inept that he or she has made decisions that have hurt this country as much as Nancy Pelosi has, before and after becoming speaker. The latter never should have been allowed to happen.

Pelosi was one of George W. Bush’s most beneficial “adversaries” when she was Democratic leader in the House of Representatives, before she became speaker.

Pelosi has repeated the favor with Bush’s far more awful—not just awful, but hugely destructive GOP successor, the incredibly stupid Donald J. Trump. But for Pelosi and her incredible ineptness, we could have been rid of him back in 2019.

The issue comes to light again with Michael Bolton’s tell-all book in which he accused House Democrats of “impeachment malpractice.” He got a lot of bipartisan blowback for that comment, but he’s right, just not necessarily for the right reasons. The right reasons are explained here.

When the President Richard M. Nixon impeachment inquiry led to getting rid of a constitutionally objectionable president, it offered a roadmap, as we laid out in “High Crimes and Misdemeanors: Nixon Impeachment Inquiry, Roadmap for the Next One.”

The roadmap was ignored by Pelosi and an incredibly stupid and inept and limited impeachment of Trump was carried out. So inept was it that there was no chance in hell that the Republican-controlled Senate would vote to convict him and remove him from office. In fact, the vote garnered only one GOP vote for, that of Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah.

What an incredibly stupid impeachment effort it was—a showboat trial by a showboat congressman featuring a single impeachable offense having to do with something abroad and with little impact on the American people. And, that at a time when there was so much going on that had an incredibly negative impact on those people.

There was no effort to broaden the impeachment, no effort to assign it to the proper committee, Judiciary,  to carry out a careful inquiry into those several impeachable offenses, including the classic charges of abuse of power and obstruction of justice, each supported by a mountain of evidence never produced, still gathering dust.

It’s not too late, but at least as Pontificating Pelosi remains as speaker, even a leader in the House, there’s not even a snowball’s chance, we left to relying on an unpredictable election instead.

In addition to Romney, the Democrats need only three more GOP Senate defections, and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska already has indicated she could be one of them, and Susan Collins of Maine apparently is on the hot seat in her state.

In the wake of Trump’s tweets about the George Floyd murder and related events, there were at least half a dozen other GOP senators who had the opportunity to side with or defend Trump, but they demurred, and their votes are necessary if an impeachment effort is to gain the 67 votes necessary to convict and oust him.

The party itself already has a strong fear it will lose control of the Senate come November, bringing it closer to a two-thirds majority.

Thus, if Trump wins in November, the first item on the House agenda after Jan. 3 should be an authentic impeachment effort this time around. We need to keep him from having four more years to complete his destruction of American democracy, if not the nation itself.