Sad! So sad!

It’s hard to read a liar, except to say that more likely than not, he or she is lying. That means it is open season on speculating about the Trump presidency, and we are not shy about doing so. It is hard to tell if Trump is a pathological liar or that he just doesn’t […]


It was a bit strange recently to read two conservative columnists and their takes on the state of the Republican Party. One announced that the party had died and mentioned some September, 2016 date. Another blamed Obamacare for the ogre who was the target in both columns—Donald Trump. Both not only are wrong, they are […]

Voter Beware—Of What You Wish For

—The British voted to leave the European Union against their own interests. California voters adopted a three-strikes-you’re-out proposition, followed by others to correct it. The Republican Party allowed itself to be hijacked by a demagogue. That’s what an uninformed public does. As followers of government, we have long opposed the idea of voter initiatives as […]