In one recent news cycle, we had four stories that said it all.
A Walgreens pharmacist refused to sell miscarriage medication to a woman because it “goes against his ethics.” He was selling more than a drug.
The U.S. Supreme Court kicked the can on a baker who refused to decorate a wedding cake for a gay couple. He was selling more than a cake.
A Las Vegas self-described successful pimp runs for office in opposition to a Trump-backed candidate. He was selling what Stormy Daniels sells.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders is told to leave a chain restaurant. She was selling….”
In this world, you are what you sell.
Along comes Sanders eating in a cheesy rural restaurant despite her combined family income of half-a-million dollars, and she’s asked to leave. Why? Because of what she sells.
You have to be sleazier than your boss to sell what you don’t believe in, and she sells: racism, abject cruelty, uncivility, hate-mongering, more lies than even Fox News can keep up with.
xenophobia (no truth could be clearer than that),
atychiphobia (which he has experienced many times at other’s expense),
gamophobia (no, it’s not a fear of femail legs),
hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia  (because of his Twitter addiction, pr
obably associated with somniphobia),
probably vehophobia at this point, assuming he knows how or ever could, other than a golf cart,
basiphobia, if you notice how he negotiates stairs,
metathesiophobia, he needn’t fear himself,
philophobia (he buys his wives),
gynophobia, a.k.a. misogynist,
athazagoraphobia, a reality-star addiction,
allodoxaphobia, nothing could be truer,
and probably chaetophobia.
For just one of those things, the Red Hen owner took action and expressed what she apparently sells.
She had more reasons for shunning than an Amish caravan.